Victims' parents speak out about National Parents of Murdered Children Day

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It's a national day you never want to be a part of, Parents of Murdered Children. We caught up with Tina Gregg. Her daughter was found murdered on the side of the road. It's a sorrow she lives with, but on this special day a time to remember Brooke with others in East Tennessee.

This is video of Shawn Smoot being led into Roane County Sheriff's Office charged with killing beautiful, young Brooke Morris. Investigators say he left her body on the side of the road after shooting her in the back as she triend to get away. Tina Gregg says, "I don't want people to forget her and I'll never rest until he's put away for life."

On this day honoring parents who've lost so much, Tina finds solace on Facebook as she receives messages and pictures from Brooke's friends saying how much they miss her. Tina Gregg says, "When I get in a dump, I pull pics up of her and I love seeing that smiling face. I miss it so much."

Taylor Olson hanged himself in jail after being charged with stabbing Johnia Berry more than 20 times in her apartment complex. The beautiful young law student spent her last hours crawling from door to door begging someone to help her. Joan Berry says, "Everyday is hard, but special days are harder. Johnia had a birthday just turned 30."

Joan finds comfort in these days where people remember her daughter. Berry says, "We've become family. It's not one that you want to be a member of, but it's a group that helps."

Both women attend support groups that also help them cope with the deaths of their daughters.

As for Shawn Smoot, he is out on bond now, but is due back in court in November. That's when his trial date should be set.