Volunteer Rescue gets new truck

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The Knoxville Volunteer Rescue Squad responds to every car accident in the city. We're talking about more than 2,000 calls a year for an all- volunteer organization.

A new four-wheel truck will help save lives. Sunday-- it did just that. These are pictures of a crash on Emory Road in Halls. John Whited with Knoxville Rescue Squad says, "It was a challenging rescue."

Three people were trapped inside after a head-on collision. Chief Deputy Whited says, "When that call comes out, we can respond to the need of the public."

This $250,000 truck is equipped with the jaws of life. They're on a sliding drawer in the back of the truck so rescuers just pull up to the scene and roll them out along with all the other tools they need for extractions. After 45 minutes Sunday, crews got the people out of the cars. Chief Deputy Whited says this truck saved their life. Whited says, "They weren't coming out until we got there. We got the tools out and got the new truck there and went to work."

The Knoxville Rescue Squad has more than 160 volunteers and 4 stations in the city. They rely heavily on donations. If you'd like to donate, call 546-4821.