Volunteer Spirit: Woman battling cancer thanks husband with help from a friend

KNOXVILLE, Tenn Most NASCAR fans will agree, the Bristol night race is one of the hottest tickets around.

And Stacey Moser who is being treated for Pancreatic and Ovarian Cancer just had to have them.

Stacey Moser says, "I'd been sick for so long and bummed out on myself."

But the NASCAR tickets were not for her. Stacey wanted to thank her husband, Scott.

Stacey "Cancer doesn't affect one person. It affects the whole family, friends, relatives. But with faith and my husband, it has been amazing the way I have come through it."

The tickets were from a contest on local radio station, MERLE FM.
Stacey's friend Nick Prince actually won them.

Nick says, "She wanted to surprise her husband because he had given up a lot of his time and did a lot of things taking care of her. She wanted to give back while she still could and was able to let him enjoy some time for himself."

"It's an experience I will never forget," says Scott.

And for Nick's simple act of kindness, his volunteer spirit, Uncle Phil of MERLE FM surprised Nick with 4th row tickets to see country music star, Blake Shelton at Thompson Boling Arena.

Nick says, "It's kind of surreal, I didn't think this would happen. I am a really big fan of his. I really enjoy his music."

And when the concert was over, Nick said, "Amazing show. I just didn't see this coming at all. That's what made the concert so special to me."

And as Stacey thanked Nick she said, "Through god, friends and coworkers and family and Nick, it's amazing how much we are blessed even though I am fighting cancer everyday."

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