Volunteer Spirit: Dandridge woman gets a lift for her ministry

DANDRIDGE, Tenn (WVLT) -- Sister Frances Branner is known around town to give whatever she has to someone else in need..

She hands out soap, detergeant, shampoo, etc bought out of her own money, and gently used clothing once a month to those who cannot afford it.

When we featured her volunteer spirit just a couple of weeks ago, she mentioned that her ministry , the House of Prayer's roof needed repairs.

"We saw the story of a person in need. She needed something we could provide." That's Jeff Lanham of Best Roofs Company in Lenoir City who dropped us a message on facebook.

"God laid it up on my heart to help her out," Says Jeff Lanham.

And he didn't waste any time- in just a couple of days, Jeff and Mike Jones of custom cut roofing in Harriman hit the road.

Sister Frances couldn't believe her eyes, "To have strangers come so far, it will always be so dear to my heart."

"We were going to come up and do some repairs if we could , but repairs aren't going to be enough, so we are going to have to replace the whole roof, " says Jeff.

And that's what they did, Jeff with the materials, Mike with the manpower.

Frances giddy and grateful says, "I don't know exactly how to explain what it means to me, but it makes my cup roweth over."

And now Sister Frances can continue her ministry, in a safe and sacred place.

Jeff says, "She helps people and that's what life should be about."

"I appreciate you all, I thank you all, for what you have done for me. I will always be grateful, says Frances."

Once again a special thanks to Mike Jones of Custom Cut Roofing in Harriman and Jeff Lanham of Best Roofs Company in Lenoir City.

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