Volunteer Spirit: Family adopts three boys rescued from meth house

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- The Ketterer family consisted of three people for ten years: parents Michael and Ivey and their daughter Sofie.

That was until Sofie had a dream and a wish for three brothers.

It came true when the parents decided to take a Childhelp foster family class more than a year and a half ago.

Then they received a call that three boys were taken from a home where meth (drugs) was being made.

The boys' parents have been in and out of jail on drug charges.

Two of the boys were found running in the woods nearby when police arrived. The baby was in his crib, likely for days, the Ketterers say police told them.

'They were wild," both Michael and Ivey agree.

When they first started fostering the boys, they weren't aware of using the potty and had to be trained.

Ivey says, "It was snowing when they first came to our house and they ran outside to use the bathroom. I told them we use a potty."

Well, It's been a year and a half since then and the boys are officially part of the family through adoption.

And it's a different story from the "wild" days.

Our cameras captured the sweet siblings coloring with their 12 year old sister, Sofie and then snacking on grapes and juice with many times hearing "thank you Mommy," "thank you Daddy," as Michael and Ivey served them.

Jared is 6 years old, Jaiden is 5 and Jerriah, 3.

Ivey says, "It's been an amazing experience, very rewarding, " having the boys in their home.

And there's soon to be another little Ketterer.

A 3-year old they call Roddy is in their foster care and still going through the process of adoption through Childhelp Tennessee as well.

He is in a wheelchair and has Cerebral Palsy.

Michael and he (dad pushes him in his wheelchair) while they trained for a marathon last October.

"I call him my angel, he's a little gift," Ivey says of Roddy.

Plus, they are fostering a 3 year girl right now through Childhelp.

Both parents thank Childhelp Tennessee for all the support and even classes to equip them with the tools and skills to foster and adopt.

They also said they couldn't have done it without family and friends pitching in with everything from cribs and clothing, to time and emotional support.

There are 8,000 kids in state custody who need loving, people to foster them, and possibly adopt.

Grab a link to Childhelp for more information.

Childhelp is foster family program that helps abused and neglected children find happy homes.

If you've ever considered fostering or adopting:
Call Childhelp: 579-5498

A benefit for Childhelp called "Oysterfest" is coming up on May 5.
It's at Concord Marina.
Call Hugh Nystrom at 637-1753 to get your tickets!

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