Volunteer Spirit: Painting with purpose

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- It appears to be an art class for adults.

The students are Rocky Top Decorative Painters.

A club established about 25 years ago.

Barbara Enser says, "This is just a very giving group we help each other with what we love. It helps us grow, as painters."

Each month they meet, a different member takes a turn teaching a project.

This week Gigi Wright showed several techniques used in faux finishing.

Gigi says,"You can use faux finish on walls, furniture an decor."

She demonstrated stamping, ragging, and pouncing, among other techniques.

Their love of painting spills over to charity. Mobile Meals of Knox County.

Mary Jayne says, "We get a letter from Mobile Meals at the end of the year thanking us and explaining the reaction they have."

Members paint items like these magnets, birdhouses and seasonal greetings on their own time.

They're delivered to people with their mobile meals.

Barbara says,"It's nice to paint for someone who wants it. A way of giving back."

"It just tugs at your heart because they're thinking someone is thinking of me. And,it puts a smile on their face and a smile on our face. That's what we are here for, " adds

New faces are always welcome, as long as you have volunteer spirit and can follow direction, like this piece of advice.

Gigi says, "Life is too short, you've gotta love what you're doing."

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