Volunteer Spirit: School of Beauty touching up patients with cancer

Dealing with cancer is tough enough, especially when the signs are obvious.

Many patients lose their hair and that's where a group of talented students come in. Students from the Tennessee School of Beauty.

Stacy Hall with the American Cancer Society says, "Nowadays when you're diagnosed with cancer, you go to work and church and family functions. And with the holidays coming up it's important you look good. And when you look good you feel better."

They volunteer time in the American Cancer Society's Wig Bank.

Taylor Raby says, "We fit the patient with a suitable wig that is a good color and style for them. If it needs any adjustments - trimming or thinned out. Some of the wigs have a lot of hair and we help them get suited so they leave happy."

Courtney Springer says, "It makes me happy when we leave here knowing we helped someone who has already gone through so much."

Hall praised the volunteers says, "They help a lot. We work at ACS, and we're not professional cosmetologists or beauticians. It's like a salon!"

Cancer patients can come to the wig room at ACS Monday - Friday. But it's Thursday when the students are here working one on one with those special clients."

"They (clients) come in sometimes not sure what they are going to find but walk out with a smile and they're very satisfied."

Taylor says "Coming here and having them hug us and we've cried with them. It's very rewarding and I enjoy doing it."

The wigs are provided by Pantene.

Call 1-800-227-2345 for other free wig programs in surrounding counties.

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