Volunteer Spirit: formal dress sale for Haiti

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- It's an affordable way for girls to attend the prom.

Many colors, many styles. No two area like.

They are gently used dresses donated to be resold at the Fierce and Fancy Formals. A fashion show and dress sale in February.

Jennifer Neil, one of the organizers says, "Everyone is into recycling, reusing, we're trying to help with that."

Prestige Cleaners has already cleaned and delivered about 500 dresses that have been donated.

Vintage dresses are wanted as well to be part of the fashion show, and then they will be resold, too.

"We're doing prom through the decades. Our fashion show should be so much fun.It's about a 1930's dress and it goes through the decades, until the current," according to Neil.

The event is put on by Hope for Haiti. It's a non profit organization that brings health care and education to the poor by building schools and hospitals in Haiti.

Katie Riley says, "We've gone from an area with no schools, no health care, no clean water, to a primary school with 1200 students, a secondary school, with hundreds of students about to go to college, a hospital and clean water filtration systems."

Riley and Neil are both volunteers with Hope for Haiti.

This year's proceeds will build a clinic in Bouli. A village that desperately needs help.

Neil tells us in order to get there, even get supplies there, "It's through this mountainous path, like a 6 hour hike." Part of that on a donkey.

"What the Haiti Outreach Program has done in the last 4 years with the dress sale, but 13 years as an organization is incredible," Riley tells us.

Bring your gently worn formal to any prestige cleaner until February 4 and then come shop at the fierce and fancy fashion show."

On average they sell for about $50.00 - 75.00.

It's Volunteer Spirit that fits your style and your budget.

Neil adds, "It's a deal anyway you look at it and you're helping as good cause."

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