WVLT Volunteer TV announces first-to-market high definition news and local programming

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – After an extensive, top-to-bottom renovation and equipment upgrade, WVLT VOLUNTEER TV is proud to announce the debut of its new local studio, facilities and programming in full high-definition (HD).

With this dramatic transformation, WVLT will be Knoxville’s only local HD news source presenting news and local programming in full high definition from on the scene, and in the studio, all the way into the viewer’s living room. For the first time in East Tennessee, viewers will have an opportunity to see locally produced news, sports and other programming with a measure of clarity that has previously been unavailable in the viewing area.

VOLUNTEER TV’s award-winning news will be presented in high definition from a completely new 16:9 optimized news set and digital weather center. These upgrades will allow even non-HD television owners to see a dramatic difference in picture quality.

“Our viewers have come to depend on us as a local news, weather and sports leader in East Tennessee,” said Christopher Baker, Executive Vice President and General Manager of WVLT VOLUNTEER TV. “They have been asking for it, and it is truly an honor to answer their call for local programming in high definition. We are very fortunate to now have the newest state-of-the-art technology in place to allow us to deliver the quality programming they have come to expect, in the best picture quality available today”

East Tennessee viewers will now have the opportunity to experience local news in a full widescreen HD picture and 5.1 digital sound, eight times per weekday on VOLUNTEER TV (5am, 6am, noon, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm and 11pm) and twice daily on weekends (early evenings and at 11 pm).

Also making the shift to high definition is VOLUNTEER TV’s sister station, MyVLT, which features a premiere line-up of sports and local programming, as well as nationally syndicated entertainment programming. A full listing of all cable and satellite channels for VOLUNTEER TV and MyVLT can be accessed at the stations’ webchannel, volunteertv.com.

WVLT VOLUNTEER TV and MyVLT are owned and operated by Gray Television, Inc, a television broadcast company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Gray Television currently operates 36 television stations serving 30 markets throughout the United States. The stations are affiliated with either CBS (17 stations), NBC (10 stations), ABC (8 stations) or FOX (1 station). In addition, Gray currently operates 39 digital second channels including 1 ABC, 4 Fox, 7 CW, 18 MyNetwork, and 2 Universal Sports Network affiliates, as well as 7 local 24 hour news/weather channels in certain of its existing markets.