Warrant shares new details in the disappearance of Nichole Burgess

A warrant, released by Anderson County officials is divulging what may have happened to Nichole Burgess.

The Nashville mother went missing in late May, now the father of her son is the primary suspect and he lives right here in East Tennessee.

Caleb Cannon,33, lives at a home on Lambdin Road in Andersonville. Neighbors tell Local 8 News he lives there with his parents.

The warrant states cadaver dogs picked up the scent of human decomposition in both Burgess's home in Nashville and Canon's 1998 Mazda Protégé.

Police fear Burgess is dead and that car was used to transport her body to place unknown.

We went to Cannon's home on Tuesday but no one answered.

Neighbors are very uneasy.

"This is a quiet little neighborhood, it always has been before. I lived one road up all my life and we've never had nothing like this," says neighbor Lisa Hatmaker.

In late May Burgess's friend reported her missing after she didn't return any calls or texts.

In fact, the last text that friend got from Nichole was about a fight she was having with Cannon, according to the warrant.

When police got to Burgess's home on May 25th her dogs were out of their cages, with no food and water and had gone to the bathroom all over the home.

A witness tells police they saw two individuals carrying something out the back door of Burgess's home in the early morning hours of May 24th.

The warrant shows the son Burgess had with Cannon, told friends he may not see his mom anymore because he was pretty sure his dad killed her.

That same friend saw Cannon put two black bags into a four door car a few days later. That car was parked outside Burgess's driveway.

"It's not a comforting feeling, to event think, I hope the boy is innocent, I hope I hope," says Hatmaker.

The warrant also says evidence found in Burgess's home includes cords and a string possibly used to murder Burgess.

Police are waiting on a DNA sample from Cannon, he has not been arrested or charged.

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