Water main break repairs on Neyland to continue through the night

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In less than a month, two water main breaks in Knoxville. The latest burst was Monday Morning on UT's campus. It was a huge headache for Monday morning drivers. A big water main break on Neyland Drive and the inconvenience lasted throughout the day for some businesses that lost water service.

If you were on campus Monday morning, this is what you saw.
Pete Michaels shot this video of the water main break on Neyland Drive. Crews dug up the pavement, trying to find the problem.
KUB Spokesperson Andrea May says, "All the underground utilities are being marked so we can get in there and assess it and begin making repairs."

Two lanes are shut down, but KUB is keeping traffic flowing in both directions while they work. KUB Spokesperson Andrea May says, "The causes are hard to determine. There are a lot of variables like shifting of soil and changing weather conditions."

Four buildings on UT's campus lost water including parking services on Stephenson Drive. Wayne Shannon with UT Parking Services says, "We're working around it shuttling staff to other locations. I was glad to be able to get to the office. Road was partially blocked, but they're working around it."

It wasn't too long ago a similar situation caused a major inconvenience downtown. Workers had to dig 80 feet down to replace the pipe on Main Street, re-routing traffic for days and leaving nearby businesses with no water.

KUB tells me the work will continue throughout the night. They'll have an update on when it should be finished tomorrow. Still no word on how much this will cost.

The pipes that burst in the downtown water main break were more than 80 years old. This pipe was put in in 1943, so it was 71 years old. KUB however isn't saying if the pipe's age had anything to do with the break.