Water subsides, communities bracing for more

Water has gone down some on Rivers Divide in Pigeon Forge on Wednesday. (Source: Kyle Grainger)

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Communities in Pigeon Forge saw the water recede on Wednesday, but they are preparing for the creeks and rivers to rise again with more rain & snow expected.

On Wednesday, the water had receded off many roads including Waldens Creek, Old Valley Road, and Burden Hill Road in Sevierville. There was some water still pouring onto Rivers Divide.

Sandra Lowe saw the water rising on Waldens Creek Road. She says she's worried it could flood again.

"It was like rapids, you could have taken a boat and floated down the river here," said Lowe. "It didn't reach our building, but the people trying to get through you know the water was over powering their cars, coming up over the tops of them and a little bit scary."

The water did creep close to several homes on Golden Circle Drive. Lowe has lived there before and remembers when there was a major flood many years ago.
"I got up out of my bed that morning to hear the squishing noise, and looked out the window saw the water flowing right there out under my bedroom window," said Lowe.

That's why many people are calling Servpro, a water restoration company. Workers have responded to homes in Cocke, Greene, and Sevier counties helping people dry out their homes where water has gotten into the basement.

"For a lot of people it's outside water coming in. It's dangerous because mold can growing with in 24 to 48 hours," said Alicia Burch, Servpro Spokesperson. "A lot of times outside water damage is not covered for your insurance and you can call us or companies like us and we can give you some advice to do for yourself."

A the Rippling Waters Campground, managers have evacuated campers to the top of the hill. They say they will keep the campers high until the river goes down.

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