Weigel's witness angry he was locked inside during fight

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A customer at Weigel's says a clerk put his life in danger, all to stop a shoplifter. Customers say they were locked inside the store and forced to dodge a violent brawl.

It happened at the Weigel's on Summit Hill. A witness says he was locked inside the store when the whole thing went down.

Kevin DeBusk says, "He makes his way to front door and locks us inside with this maniac. Holds the doors so no one can get out and the guy is beating him up against the door frame."

Kevin DeBusk came inside this Weigels for a fountain drink, but what happened next left him shaken.

Kevin DeBusk says, "I was scared to death. I didn't know what to do. Where we're at, I didn't know if a gun was coming out next or what was going to happen."

He tells me an employee tried to stop Charles Bolden from stealing less than $25 worth of stuff. The two started fighting, then Kevin says the employee wouldn't let Bolden leave. He says the employee locked the doors with four other employees and 10 customers inside.

Kevin DeBusk says, "When the guy realized he was trapped, he turned around to come towards us at that point. You're thinking does he have a gun? Am I going to die all because this guy wouldn't let him out of the door."

Police finally arrived and took Bolden into custody. Now Kevin wants to keep this from happening to someone else. Kevin DeBusk says, "I'm hoping some kind of protocol will change so innocent people aren't left in a store during a robbery."

Weigel's isn't commenting on the incident or releasing any security video.