Weigel's absorb ATM surcharges

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) Stopping to fill up at the Weigel's on Emory Road is routine for Harold Richmond.

"Ah, about once a week," said Richmond.

Now, this location and more than 50 others in the Knoxville area are offering a new service to customers.

"Basically, Weigel's is assuming all expenses on the ATM portions of the business so that gives us the ability to make this offer to our customers, offer this service to them and we are taking responsibility for those fees," said Director of Operations Doug Yawberry.

It'll no longer cost you $1.50 to withdrawal cash, even if you're from out of state. For the past three weeks Weigel's has changed out their old machines for new ones - and even more of them. Giving the break to the customers.

"This is the ability for us to offer a great service to our customers, save them a little bit of money. Offer to them to use the ATM's in our locations and make more of a one stop shop location for them," said Yawberry.

And the response is great. On top of everything else they offer customers like Harold Richmond saving money is a top priority.

"With the way the economy is right now I think it's definitely a good idea for them," said Richmond.