Widow suing Sheriff's Office after Blount County man mistakenly shot

Blount Co. Sheriff's Office responds to an officer involved shooting on Mentor Rd. in Louisville (WVLT)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A Blount County man's widow is suing the Sheriff's Office and one of their deputies for an officer-involved shooting from August 2013.

It happened when Deputy Ernest Ragland shot and killed Henry Taylor at his property off of Clear Springs Way.

In a federal suit, Cynthia Ridinger is suing Ragland, Sheriff James Berrong and Blount County.

The suit claims Taylor was looking over his property after he and his wife reported two burglaries. Deputy Ragland came out to the property to perform a check, saw a shadowy figure holding a pistol and fired 11 times, hitting and killing Taylor.

Ridinger and her attorney feel that Deputy Ragland should have identified himself, which the suit claims he did not do, before opening fire. The suit goes on to say that not identifying themselves as law enforcement is a common practice, which is the fault of Sheriff Berrong.

Ridinger is suing for violation of civil rights, and seeking both compensatory and punitive damages, including court costs and attorney fees.

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