With recent rains, mosquito population growing

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) With the recent rain, mosquitoes are on the increase in East Tennessee.

People at area parks have begun to notice them a lot more.
"They're pests, you walk through them and open your mouth chewing a piece of gum and you're eating them," says Dave Fluharty.

Spenser Foster, who has worked at Russell's Pest Control for the past 30 years, says mosquitoes have been a real problem lately.

He says, "the weather we've had lately with all the rain and everything we've had it has had a great impact with the mosquitoes right now and due to the situation because the weather we have had, we have standing water, that brings on more and more mosquitoes."

Foster has some advice when it comes to dealing with the insects. He says, when it begins to rain, turn over anything that can collect water. After it rains, get rid of as much standing water as you can.

"It doesn't take a whole lot of water for these mosquitoes to lay their eggs, just any amount of water thats standing around. When water hits it, then they can begin to hatch out," says Foster.

West Nile has been detected in East Tennessee, but there have been no cases in humans.