Witness jumps into action to help injured woman hit by car

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) A woman who saw a hit and run accident over the weekend is opening up about the chaos.

She sat down with Local 8 News exclusively to relive those terrifying moments.

"I didn't know her but at a time like that you don't think about if you know someone, you think about, can I save a life?"

Cindy Bookout was in the Old City early Sunday morning passing out flyers to promote her cleaning business.

"It was like God just told me, don't get out of the car, and I didn't get out of the car ... at about that time, this vehicle comes at a high rate of speed, to be in that area and hit the girl."

Cindy jumped into action, running to see if the woman, Heather House was alive.

"She was gasping for breath but her eyes were open," says Bookout.

Cindy and another Good Samaritan worked to keep her stable.

"I was able to get her to breathe again, there was another man out there that was either a med student or a doctor."

Police say Dalton Powell, 21, was driving under the influence. Police arrested him after he drove his car off the James White Parkway and landed it on Fifth Avenue.

"It makes you want to explain to young people how important it is to not drink and drive, you know that's something that's very serious," says Bookout.

House is still recovering at UT Medical Center.

"I call everyday to check on her, I stayed with her and held her hand until EMS got there," says Bookout.

The hospital isn't releasing any information on her condition, per the family's request, but Cindy won't forget about her.

"It'll stick with me forever," she says.

Officers say they could smell a strong odor of alcohol on Powell, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

Powell wasn't hurt, he's in jail now, facing several charges including vehicular assault, leaving the scene of an accident, DUI and driving on a suspended license.

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