Woman jumps from boat fire on Norris Lake

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ANDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A woman jumped into Norris Lake Monday morning when the wakeboard boat she was driving caught fire.

TWRA agents say the woman took the 2012 22-foot Supra boat for a short cruise around 11 a.m. while her husband parked the car.

As she drove toward Sequoyah marina and turned to go back to the boat ramp, her husband says he noticed smoke coming from the boat's stern near the engine. When the engine stalled, the woman opened the engine hatch and flames quickly spread to the entire boat.

The woman got a personal flotation device and jumped into the water. She was rescued by a nearby boat.

The burning boat drifted to an island where the Clinch and Powell rivers meet. It continued to burn until the Andersonville Fire Department put out the flames.

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