Woman gives back after being helped by ministry

Cindy Yearick is collecting clothes to help people in need at Sevier County Food Ministry. (Source: Kyle Grainger, WVLT)

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WVLT) -- In the arts community of Gatlinburg you'll find a small store called "Thistle Dew" and inside an owner who's all about giving back.

Cindy Yearick opened the store in March 2013, after moving from Pennsylvania. She left her home after Hurricane Isaac and didn't have anything.

"We sort of just threw a dot on the map and said that's where we're going," Yearick said. "Just packed up and came down here where, didn't really have jobs available in Pennsylvania so we came down here."

Yearick said he was hoping to find a job, but the ones she found didn't pay enough to pay the bills. She found help from Sevier County Food Ministry and First United Methodist Church of Sevierville. She said they helped her with everything from food to clothes.

"From blankets to pillows to sweepers to things that you just find in a normal house that was lost in the fire," said Yearick.

Yearick says she was able to save money and scrapped together enough materials to open a spice and herb shop in an old store outside of Gatlinburg.

Sevier County Food Ministry now hands out 1400 bags of food a week, now in the corner of her store Yearick has a donation area for the food bank.

"We're in this to help people and when we're this to help people and when we're able to help people and their able to get back on their feet and help themselves and help us in return it really is a neat circle and that's what we love to see," said Jim Davis, of Sevier County Food Ministry.

Thistle Dew offers a unique blend of herbs and spices not found anywhere else. You can visit the store at 516 Buckhord Road, Gatlinburg, TN 37738.

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