Crimetracker: Police say nearly nude woman tries to bite officer

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OLIVER SPRINGS, Tenn. (WVLT) Residents of Green Acres mobile home park say they can rest easy now after a couple, who they say terrorized the neighborhood, are in jail.

According to Oliver Springs Police, Richard Johnson randomly attacked 13 year old Matthew Boushard for no apparent reason.

Valmore Bouchard, Matthews dad, said Johnson was threatening to kill his entire family.

"He does this with everybody, you know, he screams and threatens everybody's life up and down the neighborhood constantly. Most of the people on his street, Crystal Lane, are fearful of him," says Bouchard.

A woman that lives on the street says the he and his girlfriend have been nothing but trouble since they've been there. Trouble continued into the evening, with Johnson's girlfriend, Crystal Wombles.

The woman says, "the next thing we know she was out after dark completely stoned out of her head or whatever butt naked."

Police say Wombles was outside exposing herself. When police arrived, she tried biting them.

Both Johnson and Wombles are in the Anderson County Jail.

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