Woman saved in Oak Ridge fire

OAK RIDGE, Tenn.(WV LT) -- Thursday's work day hadn't begun for most of us when Chris Wetherall said,"I head this kind of crackling sound."

Smoke was billowing from an Oak Ridge home on Graceland Drive. Wetherall immediately called 911.

During the ordeal Wetherall said he was frantic.
"I started banging on the front door," he said. But nobody answered until he was about to kick it in.

That's when Yvonne McClellan came to the door. She had been sound to sleep unaware her home was in flames. Her husband had already left for work and Yvonne had no idea of the fire.

The night before the couple knew lightning struck their roof but they went back to bed thinking all was fine until Wetherall woke her up.

Oak Ridge Fire Chief Darryl Kerley led the response team.
"The next door neighbor escorted her out of the house, turned the power off and brought her down here and our units got on the scene", said Kerley.

Yvonne McClellan suffers from asthma and it was Wetherall's quick thinking that helped save her and the rest of the home.

So, does he see himself as a hero?
"Well, you know"(shrugs and smiles)

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