Y-12 begins 'orderly shutdown' due to government shutdown

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The Y-12 National Security Complex began an "orderly shutdown" Monday due to the U.S. government shutdown.

This is the memo General Manager Chuck Spencer sent to employees:

"Safety and security are our highest national priorities, and since Congress has not passed an appropriations act and given the continued uncertainty, it is prudent that we act to ensure extended safe and secure operations of our sites. To that end, we have received direction from the Acting NNSA Administrator to initiate an orderly shutdown in support of, at a minimum, obtaining safe and secure status.

We will follow up soon with additional details for what our plan will look like and expect to notify impacted individuals beginning this week or next week. This is the same situation that many folks elsewhere in the government have already been experiencing.

Human Resources is developing answers to address what we realize will be very valid and important questions about benefits and other concerns during this time, and you will be receiving more information in the coming days.

I recognize this is troubling news and that it may likely have a significant impact on you and your family. We can only hope that the need for furloughs will be averted or that they will be short-lived. In the meantime I ask you to focus on that which you can control and help place Y-12 in the best condition possible to ensure an orderly and timely return to operations.

Thank you for your commitment to safety and security and your dedication to our vital mission."

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