"You Deserve Rape" sign sparks controversy on Arizona campus

TUSCON, Ariz. (NNS) -- One sign slinging student's three little words have fueled big backlash at the University of Arizona.

Self-proclaimed preacher, Dean Saxton is at it again by holding up a “You deserve rape.” sign. This time, people including students and staff fought back. The counter protest took place Tuesday in front of the school's administration building.

U of A student and self-proclaimed preacher, Dean Saxton says he’s out there to proclaim God's law. Saxton believes that bible says that women should dress modestly and that there are punishments for the sexually immoral.

Campus groups, led by The Women's Interests Collaborative, organized Tuesday's protest to show Saxton's message doesn't reflect what the U of A stands for.

According to the Facebook page, the "You Deserve" event is to show the campus is one of "love, respect, inclusion and support.

Catherine Leister is a junior at the U of A. Leister tells Nine On Your Side she was raped the summer before her sophomore year. Leister says she is glad to see all these people protesting and holding up these signs, because now, people will know this isn't an environment where that kind of thing can flourish.

Students and staff showed outrage and anger but Saxton is well within his rights.

"The student code of conduct says that nothing in that code should be interpreted that's taking away people's free speech or press or petition," U of A Media Law Professor, Kevin Kemper said.

In a statement, the University calls the message "vile and repugnant," but it does acknowledge the student's right to free speech.

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