Young-Williams Animal Center offering discount adoptions

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Knoxville, Tenn. (WVLT)-- "Back in Black!"

Black dogs and cats spend approximately four times as long on adoption floors in animal shelters, according to studies across the country. Currently, at Young-Williams Animal Center, there are more than 100 animals available for the adoption. Of those animals, 25 are black.

“Animal shelters and rescue groups continue to notice black animals spending more time in shelters than animals of other fur colors,” said Jeff Ashin, CEO of Young-Williams Animal Center. “This may be due to superstition of black cats or the sometimes negative portrayal of black dogs, but the animals are just as adoptable as other pets, and we have many animals at Young-Williams looking for their forever homes.”

Potential adopters often don’t notice the eyes and features of black dogs and cats because of the darker fur, Ashin noted. But a closer look will show adopters the beauty of these animals.

From Friday, July 18, to Sunday, July 20, adoption fees will be reduced for adult and senior black animals. Adult pets will be $25 and seniors, $10.

Every adopted animal will receive the services covered by the normal fees, which include a veterinary physical exam, spay/neuter surgery, some standard vaccinations, a microchip with registration and more. The adoption prices will be available at Young-Williams Animal Center at 3201 Division St., off Sutherland Drive, and the Young-Williams Animal Village at 6400 Kingston Pike on Bearden Hill.

The most humane and effective way to control the pet overpopulation of all animals – no matter their color – is through spay and neuter.

The Spay/Neuter Solutions Clinic at Young-Williams Animal Village also will offer a “Back in Black” special. From Friday, July 18, to Sunday, July 20, any owner of a black pet who schedules a spay/neuter surgery will receive a free microchip or rabies vaccine with the surgery service. Callers who contact the clinic after 6 p.m. on Friday will need to leave a message with their name, pet description and expressed interest in the special.

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