Young girl helps save sister

A search for "Prince Charming" lead to some scary moments for a Campbell County family.

It also gave a four year old girl a chance to become a hero.

Four year old, Nevaeh, and her two year sister, Kazmirah were playing outside of the family's home.

Their mom says the girls were riding in their Barbie car...parked it and hopped a fence to get to a nearby pond.

Nikole Reynolds, the girl's mom says, "her fascination with the pond is she found a little frog and her dad told her she could keep it if it turned into a prince...after she kissed it. Which she kissed and it didn't turn into anything."

Nevaeh says, "we were going to look for froggy. So sissy jumped in the water and I grabbed the stick and pulled her out."

The mom, Nikole Reynolds, tells us she was making lunch inside, but has cameras letting her see what's going on outside.

But it wasn't she suddenly heard screaming and says she was panicked. But by the time she could react...Neveah had used a stick to pull her younger sister to safety.

Nevaeh says, "one that don't break. So sissy don't fall down. Sissy grabbed it and pulled and then grabbed it real tight so she can swim out."

Nevaeh was allowed to go to the pond, but not bring her sister. Now both girls are not allowed to go search for "froggy."

Kazmirah was soaked from head to toe, but other than that, she's doing fine.

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