Zoo and rescue faces trouble getting animals fed

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CLINTON, Tenn. (WVLT) - The Little Ponderosa Zoo made a desperate plea for help Sunday.

The non-profit's walk in cooler's compressor broke last month, leaving the staff without a place to chill meat and produce to feed their nearly 700 animals.

"If anybody's dealt with grain prices they know the cost of feed is soaring so high that we've got to do a supplement to be able to try to provide for these animals," said founder James Cox.

And so Walmart donates the meat, and Food City donated the cooler. But just a month after the warranty expired, the cooler stopped chilling, a $2,000 repair.

"We're having to haul so much to the landfill that we could've kept in our cooler until the next day," said Cox.

With a need to feed the animals, Cox decided to go ahead and order the part.

"If we've gotta take out a loan, we will. We gotta do what we gotta do to provide for these animals here at the zoo," said Cox.

But he and his staff continue to hope that the last $1,200 needed will come in so they can continue to provide a forever home to animals in need.

Little Ponderosa Zoo
629 Granite Rd, Clinton, TN 37716
Phone:(865) 457-5536

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