Zoos prepares for the cold

ANDERSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- It's important to bring pets inside as these temperatures plummet, but what about animals that you can't bring inside?

The Little Ponderosa Zoo is running into that problem.

They have been going 24/7 to prepare for the cold.

Turning up gas heaters, upping feed and working around the clock.

The extra resources is making a big dent in their budget and are asking for donations.

They posted on their Facebook Page Saturday:

"We have been busy preparing for the snow that has been predicted in our area. But that's not our biggest concern here at The Little Ponderosa Zoo & Rescue. What our biggest concern is is the frigid temperatures in the single digits and the teens for a 60 hour period. We have a lot of animals that cannot stand the cold at all: primates, birds, cats, etc. and when this happens, we go into a 24 hour work mode. We here at the rescue will be working around the clock monitoring these animals and their condition. We have turned up gas heaters, and added more heat sources to keep these animals alive and comfortable. We have upped the feed because when it is this cold, they need more feed to maintain their body temperatures. We are doing all we can to see that there are no casualties. And you know as well as we know, it has been several years since we have had this cold of temperatures for this period of time. And we here at the Little Ponderosa Zoo & Rescue as you know, struggle from week to week, and month to month to give these animals a forever home. And when something this drastic happens, it is not in our budget to provide the extra food, extra electric, the extra gas, and the manpower that will be used in the next 72 hours here at the Little Ponderosa Zoo & Rescue. So we are coming to you asking you to help us in this difficult time to be able to provide all that will be needed for us to be able to help these animals . If you could help with a monetary donation, go to our website at www.littleponderosazoo.com and click on the donation button. Remember, it is one hundred percent tax deductible, and if you cannot donate, say a prayer. Thank you in advance for all you have done and all that you do for the Little Ponderosa Zoo & Rescue."

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