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Study: More than seven drinks a week can lead to shortened lifespan

CDC: Many teens believe vaping poses no health risks

Midlife ‘wealth shock’ may lead to death, study suggests

Study: Male birth control pill may be in the works

Antacids, antibiotics for infants linked to later allergies

Selfie medicine: Phone apps push people to take their pills

Are certain foods causing your seasonal allergies?

FDA begins push to cut addictive nicotine in cigarettes

5 ways daylight saving time messes with your health

New study: Opioids no better than over-the-counter drugs

UK retailers ban sales of energy drinks to children under age 16

Study of 'oldest olds' finds alcohol, coffee could lead to longer lives

FDA: Kratom death count rises

Excessive alcohol use linked to risk of early-onset dementia

CDC: Flu responsible for 84 child deaths so far this season

Study: Home cleaning products could be as harmful as 20 cigarettes a day

Experimental drug in Japan could cure influenza within 24 hours

CDC: Rapid flu tests only 50 to 70 percent accurate

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