Vols Gearing Up For Another Set Of Bulldogs

October 8, 2007

Interview Of Phillip Fulmer Before Mississippi State Game

1. How big a lift will it give the Vols coming off an impressive victory over Georgia last Saturday?

A - “No doubt about it, the victory gave us a big lift. We played well, and we played well for 60 minutes, doing the things we had challenged our team about. The open date helped, but most of all the players’ attitude in working hard to improve was critical to our victory.”

2. How pleased were you to see improvement in tackling and kick coverage, two areas you had cited as needing work?

A - “Our kick coverage was outstanding in taking their return threat out of the game. Britton Colquitt gets a lot of credit, but so does our overall coverage. Our tackling was significantly improved, mostly because we controlled the line of scrimmage, and Georgia didn’t have the seams where they could run. There was significant progress in those two areas.”

3. Explain one obvious point in the Vols’ improved play, the efficiency of the offensive line in protecting the senior quarterback, Erik Ainge.

A - “The offensive line does an outstanding job, and I don’t want to take anything away from them. But it all goes together. Erik gets the ball out quickly, and the receivers do their jobs nicely, too. Everybody should be proud of what we’ve accomplished from a protection standpoint.”

4. Give your description of the fight for the Eastern Division title in the SEC championship race, which is a wide open affair.

A - “It’s wide open, and we are in position to control our own destiny. But it’s very important that we don’t look down the road. The team that improves the most from this point is the team that will have the chance to represent the East in Atlanta.”

5. What do you expect from Mississippi State, which brings a 4-2 record, including a win over Auburn, into Saturday’s game?

A - “It was an impressive victory over Auburn. Auburn turned it over five times, and Mississippi State was good enough to take advantage of it. It’s imperative we take care of the football, something which we have focused on. Mississippi State presents a lot of issues and problems as we prepare to play them Saturday afternoon.”

Tennessee’s game this Saturday at Mississippi State is being televised on a pay-per-view basis across the state of Tennessee. Kickoff is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Eastern (1:30 p.m. Central). Randy Smith will handle the announcing duties for the game.

Cable systems across the state of Tennessee are scheduled to carry the telecast from the VideoSeat pay-per-view service. Fans may contact their local cable systems to order the game and receive price information. The game also is expected to be made available to Tennessee Dish Network subscribers and DirecTV subscribers.

The game will be blacked out on ESPN GamePlan in the states of Tennessee and Mississippi.

For fans living outside the borders of the Volunteer State, ESPN GamePlan will offer the game to fans living outside the state of Tennessee via the ESPN GamePlan package.

This marks only the second time that Host Communications/VideoSeat Pay-Per-View has been able to bring a Southeastern Conference road game back to the state of Tennessee. The first SEC road football game ever brought back to Tennessee on a pay-per-view basis was the UT-Arkansas game at Fayetteville on Oct. 7, 1995.

CBS requested from the Southeastern Conference and has been granted a third and final six-day selection for games on Oct. 20. CBS will televise either Tennessee’s game at Alabama or Florida’s visit to Kentucky, with Lincoln Financial carrying the game not selected by CBS.

ESPN has selected Auburn at LSU for an 8 p.m. Central time start.

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