Coach Fulmer: We Need To Maximize Our Strengths & Minimize Our Weaknesses

(WVLT) -- Coach Fulmer began his weekly press conference by talking about Saturday's big conference win against Georgia, and overall he said he was pleased with the big win, and it was the most complete football game the Vols have played this season.

Coach Fulmer said he really appreciated how the team has just got a great attitude as the season went along, members are really hard workers, tough guys, worked through injuries, that effort has never been a problem.

Coach added the team has solved some of its problems of giving up big plays to good teams, saying we've handled some adversity, and will beocme stronger from that.

Coach also said he's Excited about the progress the team made during the open date.

Also, yesterday's practice saw great energy, enthusiasm, focus, and purpose toward MS-State, the team is also as healthy as it's been for some time.

Though Coach added, the team is still a work in progress in spots.
But, the more the Vols can build depth, and get others involved, the better we'll be.

Defensively against Georiga, Coach said he was pleased at the overall defensive effort, controlling the line of scrimmage for the day.

Britton Colquitt has made a tremendous difference to the football team, finally having him at 100% at this half-way point in the season.

Addressing how much better can the team get, Coach said there's a lot if you look closely at the tape ... and the team willl be working on those areas as the week's progress.

MS-State beat Auburn, they're dangerous, tough, and multi-talented.

Coach said, as I told the guys yesterday, we need to understand what we need to do to get better, we're not gonna give-up plays that other teams don't earn.
We need to maximize our strengths and minimize our weaknesses, and develop more depth, by developing our younger players.

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