Lane Kiffin puts Vols through dress rehearsal

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin wants to know how his Volunteers will perform in a game before he names his starters.

That's why he's treating Saturday's scrimmage exactly like the first game of the year, down to the 12:21 p.m. kickoff time and music played over the speakers at Neyland Stadium.

Nobody has more to prove in this dress rehearsal than quarterbacks Jonathan Crompton and Nick Stephens.

Kiffin says neither has separated himself from the other after taking a nearly equal number of snaps and pass attempts.

He doesn't want the competition to go into Tennessee's week of preparation before the Sept. 5 opener against Western Kentucky, so he's likely to name a starter quickly after digesting the results of Saturday's scrimmage.

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