5th Annual Knoxville Hockey Hoe-Down

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - High School Ice Hockey in Knoxville is not a booming sport. "We don't really get a lot of publicity or anything like that so it's just different than most sports you play in Tennessee," so says Clint Burkhalter, an ice hockey player for the Bearden/Karns squad.

But that attitude may be changing according to several of the players including Felix Bjurstrom who suits up for Farragut. "It's definitely growing. We've got a lot of kids moving up in the youth program so that's always nice."

There are currently 4 high school ice hockey teams in Knoxville. Even with a small number of teams, rivalries exist. "Farragut is our biggest rival. Since I started Freshman year it's the one we've always talked about is Farragut," explains Burkhalter.

There is no doubt that hockey is a fast-paced, hard hitting game. But it is also happens to be an equal opportunity one. For you see, Farragut's goalie happens to be a girl. That's not a big deal to Tatum Magill, the only female high school ice hockey player, "I'm the only girl here that plays in the high school league here. It's a little different but you get used to it. I've played with these guys here for a little while."

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