Young Fans Cheer on Vols

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Vols fans of all ages tuned in Friday afternoon to watch the big game wherever they could.

When the Tennessee team sees itself in the national spotlight, young children see them in a different light, as role models.

At the Boys and Girl's Club, excitement over Tennessee's success doesn't stop when the game ends.

Kids take what they learn from the team to another level as they hit the hardwood.

While they might not have the same skill, they certainly have enough enthusiasm.

"They're one of the best in the country," says John Baird. "They show you how to play basketball."

These hoops hopefuls at the Boys and Girls Club gather round to give their hoops heroes a hand.

"They got the best team," says Devon Butler.

"A lot of our kids play little league basketball themselves, so they kind of relate to the university," says Boys and Girls Club Director Mark Levine.

And they look up to their own prized player, Chris Lofton.

"He knows how to shoot threes," Devon says.

"He's really, really good," John says.

They'll cheer for the Vols throughout their tournament run, but win or lose, these superstars score big with the little guys.

"I think they can make it all the way. Yeah," Shamary Butler says.

"It makes the kids proud," Levine says. "It gives them something to cheer about for their city."

The Boys and Girl's Club hosted a big Tennessee party Friday as they cheered the Vols to victory.

It's really nice to see the team have such a positive impact on these kids.

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