Brandon Warren's College Football Career Now In Jeopardy

A Faculty panel assembled to examine football student-athlete Brandon Warren's Appeal of a denial of his transfer request from FSU released its decision to the University today.

The panel, made up of three members of the FSU faculty and chaired by Dr. Joe Beckham, delivered the following written decision--

"It is the determination of the faculty panel that the information presented by Brandon Warren does not rise to the level of 'objective evidence that proves the student-athlete's extraordinary personal harsdship' and is insufficient to support his appeal of the NCAA and FSU's transfer policy.
Panel members were unanimous in their conclusions that the appeal should be denied and the NCAA transfer rule should be enforced."

Warren who was wide-speculated to be wanting to transfer to the University of Tennessee to play football is now asking the NCAA for a hardship ruling.
If that request by the NCAA is granted, Warren could play for another Division 1A school, including Tennessee, this fall.
But if the NCAA denies his hardship, then Warren would have to miss up to two consecutive football seasons, before regaining his eligibility.
He also would not be eligible for ANY Financial Aid Scholarship.

There's one more option awaiting Warren as well ... he could attend a Junior College for 1 year beginning this fall, and not play football. Where-as in 2008, he again would be eligible to play football and attend a Division 1A University of his choice.

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Story Courtesy: FSU Sports Information

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