Dane Bradshaw Gives An Insider’s Look At The Rise Of Tennessee Basketball

Former Tennessee Volunteer star basketball player, Dane Bradshaw, provides an insider’s look at the rise of Tennessee basketball in his book Vertical Leap. Available in major book stores throughout the state of Tennessee by May 28, Vertical Leap is a must-read for collegiate basketball fans.

Bradshaw kept detailed journal entries throughout the 2006-07 season that formed the foundation of his book. The early morning workouts, sacrifices, injuries, road trips, personalities, worries of a college athlete, academic demands, locker-room banter and game results that led to the agony of defeat and the thrill of victory are all shared through Dane’s eyes.

Coach Bruce Pearl wrote the foreword for Vertical Leap. Under Pearl’s leadership, there has been a major leap in the vitality, competitiveness and popularity of The University of Tennessee’s men’s basketball team. Bradshaw, the lone senior and team captain, played an important role in the team’s success that included a journey to the NCAA Tournament’s Sweet Sixteen.

UT’s first official game of the season was on November 10, 2006. However, for the players and coaching staff the season began months before the first game. Soon after the March Madness hurrahs end, preparation for the new season begins. Coaches and players do everything within their power to be the last team standing in the season to follow. Bradshaw’s behind-the-scenes coverage is organized into three major sections: Preseason Preparation, Season Play and Post Season Play.

Vertical Leap is a 232-page book, including 32 pages of full-color photographs that captures the entirety of the Vols’ 2006-07 basketball season.
In addition to being available in book stores (price $19.95), autographed copies of the book are available online at www.tvp1.com.

Story Courtesy: www.tvp1.com

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