Area High School Teams Get Ready To Spring Fling

(WVLT) -- What a week this is for a number of our East Tennessee High School Programs...
Underway all this week now in Murfresboro, the annual Blue Cross Spring Fling or State Tournament
For Spring Sports like Track & Field, Tennis, Softball, Soccer, and Baseball.
Among the Baseball Teams heading West down I-40, the South-Doyle Cherokees.
In fact, there was a big send off for the Kees Monday morning at the high school.
And there's a good reason why.
This is the South-Doyle Baseball Program's first ever trip to state
And boy are are they excited:

Chad zurcher: "I've never felt anything like this in my life, I've been to the World Series before with Summer League Teams, but it's nothing like State Tournaments for High Schools. It feels great, and it's sunk in now cause we got to get ready to play because we got a big game starting tomorrow."

Up first for Chad and his South-Doyle teammates, Cleveland High School Tuesday afternoon at five.
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