Tennessee's Thornton Center Announces Rowing & Football As CHAMPS Cup Winners

The CHAMPS Cup System has each team competing for points in a variety of different areas, encompassing the five commitment areas of the NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills program, commitment to academic excellence, athletic excellence, personal development, career development and community service. This competition takes place from September through April every year.

The team with the highest team total at the end of the year prevails as the CHAMPS Cup Winner. This year’s overall winner of the CHAMPS Cup for both men’s and women’s teams goes to the rowing team.

CHAMPS Cup was also split up this year to have a men’s overall winner and a women’s overall winner. Football won for the men’s and again rowing won for the women’s.

CHAMPS Cup also has community outreach winners, which are the teams with the most widespread community service participation. This year, the men’s winner is baseball and the women’s winner is rowing.

“The CHAMPS Cup provides student-athletes with personal and career development opportunities, avenues to learn about the importance and benefits of a commitment to lifelong volunteerism, a platform to become leaders and support each other and the University of Tennessee athletic program, and rewards for overall academic achievement,” Jacqui Shuman, assistant director for student development, said.

The CHAMPS/Life Skills Program seeks to help student-athletes as they pursue their educational, athletic, personal, and career goals. Beginning in their first semesters at UT, we encourage all our student-athletes to start thinking about and preparing for life after graduation. The Thornton Athletics Student Life Center provides a comprehensive career development and holistic support program that prepares student-athletes for their future careers through various avenues.

Story Courtesy: UT Athletic Marketing & Public Relations

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