Pat Summitt Released from Hospital

Knoxville (WVLT) - The legendary coach Pat Summitt is recovering at home after spending the night in the hospital.

Summitt was taken to Saint Mary's Medical Center where she was admitted Thursday for dehydration.

Coach Summitt is a busy woman even in the off season. She has basketball camps, recruiting commitments, and don't forget the many simple tasks that we all face each day.

She's head of the hardwood, queen of the court, but too much activity may have caught up with Lady Vols Coach Pat Summitt.

The University of Tennessee released a statement saying Summitt fell ill at home, was taken to a local hospital where she was admitted for dehydration.

We recently interviewed the Chief of the ER at UT Medical Center, who talks about the dangers of dehydration.

"Heat can be very damaging to all the organs of the body, the liver and the blood system. These patients develop likes coagulopathy where their blood doesn't clot, their liver fails and it can be very, very dangerous and even deadly," Dr. Kip Wenger from UT Medical Center said.

Summitt's condition isn't that serious. Women's Athletic Director, Joan Cronan, offered personal assurance that the coach will be okay, but part of the problem stem from all of Summitt's commitments off the court.

Summitt's annual basketball camps are some of her biggest summer projects. Add a busy recruiting schedule and the heat, and it's a combination that could cause problems for anyone.

In fact, in one of her many books, Summitt admits to being an "overachiever," saying she sometimes takes on more than she can handle.

A source close to Summitt tells us this is probably exactly what happened this time to cause exhaustion and dehydration for the 55-year-old coach. Summitt's basketball camps are going on this week. However, there was no camp Thursday. One ended Wednesday and another starts Friday/Today.

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