Greenback Cherokees try for T-Ball State Title

Greenback, TN.(WVLT-TV) Keeping up with the score isn't the most important thing when you're talking about T-Ball. At that age it's about learning the fundamentals and having a whole lot of fun. Well over in Greenback, that philosophy has carried the young Cherokees all the way to state.
The greenback Cherokees are one of 15 teams playing for the State T-Ball title. The Championships begin Thursday July 12th down in Cleveland.
The entire Greenback community is behind the coaches and kids, who've been having a great time playing this summer.
Assistant Coach Greg Moses:"...We try to teach the kids the basics and have a lot of fun, cut up in the dugout from time to time. The greenback community has backed us , parents and grandparents have come out and been a support for the kids."
This is a close group. These kids have playing together for about three years now and it's really paying off. The 'Kees are the reigning District-8 champs recently defeating their neighbors from Kingston. Now while it's fun being number one, the coaches are making sure these youngsters are doing things the right way and again, having a good time getting there.
Moses:"...A title would be everything to us, the coaches are excited, but it's all about the kids, celebrating and having fun."
Good Luck Cherokees!