Women's Basketball Hall Of Fame Awarded A Nice Grant

The Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame has received a grant from the Peyback Foundation, owned by Peyton Manning, to administer the GoGirlGo! Program in Knoxville. GoGirlGo! Is a unique education program that uses four GoGirl characters and champion athletes to educate girls about being physically active and avoiding health-risk behaviors.

It was designed by the Women’s Sports Foundation to be presented by adult leaders in a sport environment. The program features true-life stories and life lessons from champion athletes like Tamika Catchings, Mia Hamm and Jennifer Rodriguez. The GoGirls! Guide to Life includes eight lessons, each of which covers a specific topic, such as leadership, body image, tolerance, smoking, emotions, nutrition, bullies and family issues.

The program is open to girls who are third through eighth grade students at Sarah Moore Greene and Vine Magnet Schools. Due to a generous grant awarded by the Peyback Foundation, participation in the program is free. The Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame will host GoGirlGo! From 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. on July 25, 27, 31 and August 3. Other local organizations such at the Knox County Health Department, Performance Training, Inc., Mary Kay, and several others will be doing demonstrations about various health topics.

The GoGirlGo! Program was administered locally by Knoxville’s Promise; however, since the organization is now defunct, it has not been offered in several years. “The Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame hopes to make a positive impact in the lives of many girls though this program. Our staff is very dedicated to making this a fun, memorable experience for each participant,” says Dana Hart, Vice President and General Manager of the Hall of Fame. Additional information is available online at www.GoGirlGo.com.

Story Courtesy: The Women's Basketball Hall Of Fame

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