30-Days, 30-Vols, Day-6

LaMarcus Coker
5’ 11” 195 lbs.
So. Tailback, Antioch TN
108-696/5-TD’s, Team Leader in ‘06
8-146/1 vs. Marshall
26-125 vs. Memphis
10-126/2 vs. Vandy
TD’s vs. UK & PSU
13-168-1 Receptions
FL TD, 1-48
4-33 vs. Memphis
4-51 vs. KY
3-35 vs. PSU

Tennessee has been running the ball less under Quarterback, Erik Ainge, but our top-ball-carrier still has been putting up some impressive stats, despite some off the field troubles, most recently, an all-out suspension from the team.
LaMarcus Coker is only a Sophomore, but he definitely knows how to find those holes on the playing field and explode through them.
Last season, he Rushed for almost 7-Hundred Yards and 5-Touchdowns.
Let’s hope Mr. Coker gets his personal troubles taken care of, and returns to the team for good as a big-time contributor.