Titans Coach Jeff Fisher Talks About The Teams Latest PreSeason Practice


(on this afternoon’s practice)--

It was good, very good. Some of the guys got the morning off but most of them were working special teams drills. So for most of them, it was a two-a-day practice. We got a lot done. We covered a lot of situation-type things. There were a lot of big plays taking place which you need on both sides of the ball.

(on Michael Griffin’s performance today)--

Griff did. A lot of guys did. Griff is getting more and more comfortable with what he’s doing. He did very well this morning in some of the special teams drills as well.

(on LenDale White’s practice)--

He is doing fine. He’s coming along like the rest of his teammates. No issues.

(on what he’s looking for during practice)--

There is so much going on out there. For example we’ve got defensive linemen with wristbands communicating, looking for protections and trying to tie in the best pass rush games. You’ve got the offensive linemen that are communicating and protecting. There’s a lot going on. Those are the things. It’s the little things. It’s the effort, it’s the intensity, it’s the ability for the team to practice together and practice hard but work on those little things to where they become habits.

(on certain players getting more reps than others)--

It’s the way the day goes. We have an installation schedule. A lot of the stuff that went in last night that we did on the field today involved the tight end. That’s how camp goes.

(on having the offensive line back this year)--

It has helped. They’re all playing well; Mike [Munchak] has done a great job with them. And we also have depth. We’re developing the younger players so we have some tough decisions there.

(on Benji Olson’s sore back)--

Benji tightened up a little bit. We’re going to try to keep him on probably a one-a-day-routine until he works through it.

(on whether any player is standing out at cornerback)--

Everybody is taking turns. That thing will take some time. We’re not going to rush to make judgment or make a decision. We’re going to let it play itself out.

(on the running backs)--

All three of the top guys, not to disregard the other guys, they’re all a little different. They all have different strengths and different weaknesses. We’re working toim prove their weaknesses. LenDale [White]’s a strong inside power runner and people step out of the way. Chris Brown has got really good feet and vision and Chris Henry is improving every day. [Henry] had a great spin move out there today. He made people miss and he’s protecting well. As I said, we’re going to be fine at the position.

(on the difference between Vince Young today versus a year ago)--

I think at this time [last year] he was trying to figure out how to call plays. This time now he’s telling people what to do and calling plays on the line of scrimmage himself. So it’s a huge difference. He had a huge off season and he made some spectacular plays today at practice.

(on how he manages his expectations of Vince on the field)--

We, and I say we, just hope it translates into more wins. That’s the reason for it.

(on his assessment of the defense at this point)--

We’ll have a practice where the offense will look like they’re making plays and then we’ll switch periods and all of the sudden the defense dominates the period. So the defense is doing fine. They’re communicating, they’re healthy, they’re aggressive, they’re talking and they’re enthusiastic. When you’re a defense who is talking and making checks and having fun challenging the offense, things are going the right direction.

(on how Bill Walsh has impacted his coaching career)--

I’d have to say this: He’s probably impacted 90 percent of the coaches in this league. A lot of what we did today was influenced by Bill Walsh and my experience with the 49er organization. It’s a sad day for pro sports and specifically the National Football League. Very few of us will leave legacies like he left in this game. He brought professionalism to the sport from ownership all the way down to the security people in the front door of the building. He taught people to treat people with respect. What he wanted people to know was that everybody meant something. Everybody’s role is important – players, staff, everybody’s role was important towards winning as everybody else’s. He’ll surely be missed.

(on Griffin’s progress compared to the other rookies)--

We have to be careful to compare him to other rookies only because positions are different. He is very instinctive. I ask him to play a position he hasn’t played an awful lot. He’s done it before but when you switch positions, you expect it to take time. It doesn’t look like it’s going to take him any time. He’s very instinctive with the ball and he’s a good athlete. He relates very well, so he’s making progress. We’re excited to watch him develop over the next 10 days before we get going in the preseason games. He’ll make some plays and he’ll have an impact in the games.

Story Courtesy: The Tennessee Titans

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