Handling the Heat During Two-A-Days

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Farragut, Knox County (WVLT) - If you think it's hot out there today, try putting on ten, or more, pounds of football gear twice a day and running hard up and down the practice field.

As Sports Overtime's Daryl Hobby found out, water and rest are the name of the game for our high schoolers now taking part in two-a-day football practices.

"We got a little break with the weather, normally it's so hot and humid at this time," those comments from Farragut's Coach Eddie Courtney, earlier this week, when it was still humid, but cloudy and rainy.

Now the weather's very hot and extremely sunny, meaning our high schoolers have to drink plenty of water before, during, and even after each of their practices.

"Football is a physical game. It teaches a lot about your life, about how you deal with adversity and things,” says Coach Courtney. “Again, we give water breaks every 20-minutes, when I played, we got one a whole practice in 3-1/2 hours so, so we feel we're educated enough to deal with any of those things."

And that means, teams are prepared just in case anything happens to one of their players physically while they're on the practice field.

"During practice, if something comes up, we can get them treatment immediately and our doctors are able to see them as soon as they can,” Coach Courtney explains.

But the players are also taught to listen to their bodies, especially when they feel them kick into overdrive.

"If you start getting cramps, if you start getting sick to your stomach and nausea, if you start getting really bad headaches these are signs your body's saying, hey slow down,” UT Emergency Doctor Kip Wenger explains.

Words to truly play and live by.

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