Coach Jeff Fisher's Thursday Titans Training Camp Report


(on if they avoided the weather by practicing in the bubble):

Yeah. You know we got lucky yesterday. We dodged it and it timed up well. Today there were too many things popping up. Actually it’s probably better for the players that we did come in here because it is quite warm outside. We got it done. We had to cut some things out, just a few things, but I was overall pleased with the day.

(on if he is concerned that the team is a little thin at wide receiver):

We had a number of guys that needed the day off today, and that would include the defensive line. We are getting thinned down, but they will come back.

(on injuries during practice):

We had two lower leg injuries, one ankle and one knee. But, I don’t have anything yet to report on. We will overcome it. [Mike] Otto has a knee, and it looks like [Ben] Hartsock has a little ankle thing going on.

(on how Mike Otto has been playing):

Oh, he is going to be a good player. He is smart, had a real good college career, and very athletic. He can play both sides, both tackles, and he is coming on. This may be a little setback for him, but initially it doesn’t appear to be to serious.

(on Isaac Snell getting reps with the first team):

Well he had a good off season and it has been really good work for him and he is doing fine. He is smart, he has Kevin next to him which helps and he is getting it done inside.

(on if the officials that were at practice helped guys be aware of what to watch out for):

Every year at training camp we have them in at this time. We have them in for two-and-a-half days. We will meet tonight with them and go over the points of emphasis and the rule changes with the club, and they will be on the field with us tomorrow and Saturday.

(on the biggest points of emphasis regarding the rules this year):

There was not a whole lot of changes. We have a change involving the pylon. In the past the goal line extended around the world and as long as any part of your body went over the pylon, before you step out of bounds and cross the goal line it’s a touchdown. Now the ball has to go over the pylon, so that’s a minor change. We also have eliminated the spike on the field. So if a player makes a catch, gets a first down, gets up and spikes the ball, if he does it is a delay of game penalty, five yards. They are allowed to spike the ball after a touchdown but not anywhere on the field of play. Then we just have some minor penalty informants just to make more things consistent, so there was not a lot of changes this year.

(on what he wants to see improve regarding the defense):

Well we are preaching turnovers, aggressive play, stripping the ball, overlapping, tackling, and of course we have to sure up the run defense. We have a pretty good group to work against to do so.

(on any Simeon Rice updates):

Nothing to this point, I don’t have anything else to add. I knew he was in New York, but again, as I had mentioned, if he does come in he is coming in for a physical and a physical only. We will do that periodically. When a player becomes available, we will bring him in and continue to build a file on him.

(on if he would be excited to have Simeon Rice come in and get a look at him):

I don’t know what his status is injury wise. He was released, waived injured, so I just don’t know.

(on the young wide receivers making plays today):

They got the opportunity today. With the numbers down, they got the opportunity to work with the first group and they all made some big catches today which is good to see. They need to do that.

Story Courtesy: The Tennessee Titans

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