Pacman Can Be Involved In Wrestling Event

August 11, 2007

NASHVILLE ( -- Adam "Pacman" Jones can appear at a wrestling show Sunday, with a couple of provisions: The suspended Tennessee Titans cornerback won't be allowed to touch or be touched, use or be hit by any object or anything else that could injure him.

That doesn't leave much for Jones.

But at least he can be in the building for the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling pay-per-view event. The arrangement was approved by a Tennessee judge Saturday following an agreement among the Titans, Jones' attorney and lawyers for TNA Entertainment.

The Titans received a temporary restraining order Friday that prohibited Jones -- suspended from the NFL for the 2007 season for violating the personal conduct policy -- from even being present at a TNA event.

With Jones promoted to appear at the Hard Justice show Sunday night in Orlando, Fla., lawyers worked to resolve the Titans' concerns. Judge Jeff Bivins approved the deal following a 10-minute meeting in his chambers. Jones did not attend the hearing.

Steve Underwood, chief operating officer of the Titans, said nothing changed as far as the team is concerned.

"It doesn't mean he can't participate and be present at whatever he's under contract to do with them. It just means that he can't participate in anything where he's going to get hurt. That was always our concern," Underwood said.

And what if Jones does get hurt?

"We're not going to go there. He's not going to get hurt," Underwood said. "He can't do anything that poses risk of significant injury, and all parties are in agreement with that."

The NFL isn't scheduled to review Jones' case until after the Titans' 10th game, which is Nov. 19 at Denver. Jones lawyer Worrick Robinson said the Titans made it clear they still care about his client and want to see him return to the football field.

The original court order applied only to Jones. TNA and co-founder Jeff Jarrett joined the talks and were added as parties to the agreement. An attorney representing TNA was asked if company officials preferred to have Jones wrestle after Jarrett had worked with the cornerback on his ring skills.

"We're very happy he's going to be there and be part of the program," Robin Mitchell Joyce said

Added Robinson: "I think the limited grappling that he was going to be involved with in the first place was not going to take place immediately. But he is fine. He's willing to work within the bounds of what he's agreed and what the judge has ordered."

Jones made his first appearance with TNA during its weekly cable TV show iMPACT! Thursday night.

The Titans responded Friday by obtaining the restraining order prohibiting him from participating in the show in any way, even as a spectator or announcer. The Titans cited the NFL player contract that prevents him from engaging in activities in which he could injure himself.

Robinson said TNA may decide to have Jones be in the ring, working within the approved agreement.

"He wanted to put on a show, and he wanted to prepare himself for putting on a show. That's what he was doing," Robinson said. "His role has just changed somewhat now."

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