Tennessee Titans Coach Jeff Fisher's Latest Training Camp Report

Tennessee Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher:

(on the status of Jacob Ford):

Jacob Ford will undergo surgery, probably tomorrow, to repair a torn Achilles tendon. That was what we suspected, and we confirmed it. So he will count against the roster. He has a long rehab ahead of him, but he is the kind of kid who I’m sure will get through it. We got to see, not as much as we wanted to see out of him, but we have a pretty good idea of the potential he has. So we will rehab him and get him back as soon as we can.

(on comparing Jacob Ford’s injury to Rien Long’s last year):

I don’t really get into comparing, but he does have a torn right Achilles tendon that will be surgically repaired.

(on how Jacob was playing before his injury):

He was coming on. He was getting the weight back and the strength back and he has some skills. He did some good things in camp, so it is unfortunate for him.

(on if that will leave the team thin at the defensive end spot):

We claimed Jason Hall, the NFL Europe Defensive Player of the Year from the University of Tennessee. He will be in in the morning to fill out the roster spot.

(on if bringing in another former NFL Europe Defensive Player of the Year (Tony Brown) was a good experience):

It was a very good experience. Tony had been there prior, and had been in the league, and had a lot of experience in the league. We are you going to use Cody Douglas’s NFL Europe spot for Jason. We got a guy who was just released by the Carolina Panthers that is in pretty good shape that can come in and help us.

(on both of the drafted rookie defensive lineman (Antonio Johnson and Jacob Ford) getting injured):

It is difficult. Both of them showed promise up to this point. We are going to rehab them and work with them and hopefully some point early in the off season they will be back to full speed and we will have them for a full offseason.

(on what the game plan will be for New England):

We are not going to do much different then we did last week. Play time is going to be about the same. We will be facing a different type of defense, a 3-4. We will do that inside and not on the practice field just so the guys are familiar with different types of adjustments.

(on if the fact that the Patriots ended the Titans’ playoff run last year will affect the game):

We ended our play off run. We didn’t play particularly well in that last game. The Patriots are the Patriots, they are there every year. Their success speaks for itself. As far as revenge, no. It is a preseason game and there will be guys playing in the second quarter that didn’t play in that game. What we want to do is get a little bit better than where we were last week. We were pleased with what happened, but we are stressing improvement. It is this football team, not who we are playing.

(on what the difference will be going against Tom Brady):

There are certainly differences in experience between the two quarterbacks, but I think [Redskins QB] Jason [Campbell]is going to be a very fine player. Tom is going to go out there and try to put the ball in the end zone because he can and get out, so that is going to be a great challenge for the defense.

(on how Cortland Finnegan is playing):

He is making plays around the ball. He has had another good week of practice thus far, and he is taking advantage of this opportunity. We are hoping to get Renaldo Hill back so he can play in this ball game.

(on Benji Olson practicing again):

It is good to have Benji back. He is at the age right now where he does not need to go twice a day. Hopefully we can get him on the practice field each day and get him in the ball game this weekend.

(on if he has had a root canal and can relate to what Nick Harper went through today):

I have never had one. He is my hero. My teeth hurt considering they described to me what they are going to do. There was some talk about him coming out for this morning’s practice, but he didn’t have a hard time repeating the calls.

Story Courtesy: The Tennessee Titans

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