Guilty: Michael Vick Cops A Plea

(CBS) WVLT - Football superstar Michael Vick has copped a plea in a federal dog fighting case, according to his lawyer.

It's a deal that could put Vick's career in jeopardy.

He is the king of the quick offense, and now quarterback Michael Vick has
made a last minute play, that could land him in jail, but would avoid a trial.

The suspended atlanta falcon has decided to cut a deal with federal prosecutors in his dog fighting conspiracy case after at least one of his co-defendants alleged Vick participated in the brutal execution of underperforming dogs.

A statement from Vick's attorney says the NFL star accepts "...Full responsibility for his actions and the mistakes he has made. Michael wishes to apologize again to everyone who has been hurt by this matter."

The pressure was on after two more of Vick's cohorts, Quanis Phillips and
Purnell Peace accepted plea agreements early Friday.

The third co-defendant, Tony Taylor, pleaded guilty last month.

All three men agreed to cooperate with the government against Vick.

And in documents filed with the federal justice department, at least one co-defendant has linked Vick to betting on dog fights.

Under the NFL'S personal conduct policy, that could result in a lifetime ban.

NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell says, "We're completing our review and if, at some point, it's appropriate for me to take action, I will."

The NFL banned Vick from the Falcon's training camp after prosecutors said a search of Vick's rural Virginia property, found dozens of pit-bulls, dog fighting equipment, and evidence of animal cruelty.

Protester Amy Bender says, "It is a blood sport. It's barbaric. It's cruel and it's criminal, unfortunately it takes a celebrity to bring light to it."

Animal rights activists have been following the case closely the man known for his running game ran out of legal room to maneuver.

Besides possible jail time, Vick also faces a $250,000 fine.

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