UT Coach's Sons Found Martial Arts Studio

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(WVLT) - Jason and John Chavis, Jr. may be the sons of UT defensive coordinator John Chavis, but they're now in charge of their own athletic venture.

The two are teaming up with Matt Hosford to found the Wolf Clan Combat Sports martial arts studio, which will be one of the largest martial arts facilities in the Southeast.

Workers broke ground Wednesday on the 10,000 square foot facility, which should be completed in December.

Unlike many martial arts studios, Wolf Clan, which is located just off Oak Ridge Highway, will feature programs for the whole family.

"There are going to be other activities there which are designed for the entertainment of the adult, which is going to enhance the experience for the family altogether," Jason Chavis said. "No longer will an adult have to drop off his child to a martial arts class and sit there for two or three hours and do nothing."

The facility will include almost 5,000 square feet of mat space, as well as modern training equipment and a weight room.

Chavis said the studio fills an expanding demand for martial arts, not only in Knoxville, but also nationwide.

"It's the new boxing," Chavis said. "It's fastly becoming one of the sports that's going to be the face of America. A facility like this is needed in the Knoxville area to bring it into the twenty-first century of sports."

The benefits of martial arts, Chavis said, extend far beyond mere health.

"There's a confidence that comes with knowing you're able to defend yourself at a high level," Chavis said.

Not only will Knoxville citizens be able to use the studio; area law enforcement personnel will also be invited to take classes, specifically the T.A.C. Program, which teaches effective procedures for controlling and arresting suspects with as little force as possible.

Wolf Club Combat Sports is slated to open January 2008.

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