University Of Tennessee Football Games Will Be ReBroadcast Sunday's On MyVLT2

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WVLT VOLUNTEER TV and the VOL NETWORK have announced the rebroadcast of all University of Tennessee football games Sunday nights on MyVLT2.

WVLT and MyVLT2, recently named as the official flagship for the Vol Network, are expanding on their commitment to providing the Big Orange fans of East Tennessee the most comprehensive local sports in the region.

Sunday nights at 7:00 p.m. MyVLT2 and the Vol Network will rebroadcast the previous day’s game. The two hour viewer friendly broadcast, produced by the Vol Network, will feature complete game coverage with Bob Kesling, Tim Priest, Rick Russo and Mike Stowell.

In addition to great, Vol-friendly commentary from the Voice of the Vols, MyVLT2 viewers will be treated all the behind the scenes action, like the team meeting before the big games that
only the Vol Network can provide.

When the action ends on the field, viewers get to hear from the Top Vol himself. MyVLT2 will air an encore presentation of THE PHILLIP FULMER SHOW Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. after the game.

Then MyVLT2 turns it over to the fans as WVLT VOLUNTEER TV’s Mark Packer hosts THE LOCKERROOM at 10:00 p.m. offering armchair quarterbacks the opportunity to discuss Vol football in the hour-long call in show.

MyVLT2 can be found on Comcast channel 8, Charter channel 11, Communicomm channel 14, Knology channel 8, Haywood channel 6, Adelphia channel 73, Cumberland County channel 12, Morristown channel 9, Harlan County channel 3, Access channel 10, Evarts channel 41, Tri-Star channel 10, DirecTV channel 30, and Channel 8.2 on over the air digital TV.

WVLT-TV and MyVLT2 are owned by Gray Television, Inc. Gray Television, Inc. is a television broadcast company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Gray currently operates 36 television stations serving 30 markets. Each of the stations are affiliated with either CBS (17 stations), NBC (10 stations), ABC (8 stations) or FOX (1 station). In addition, Gray currently operates 36 digital second channels including 1 ABC, 5 Fox, 7 CW and 15 MyNetworkTV affiliates plus 6 local
news/weather channels and 2 "independent" channels in certain of its existing markets.

Gray intends to start an additional 4 digital second channels during 2007 including 1 CW affiliate, 1 MyNetworkTV affiliate and 2 local news/weather channels.

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