Black belts build family bond

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - If you are looking for the Margulies family you can usually find them at Eun's Martial Arts Center in Farragut. All 6 family members enjoy taekwondo. And all 6, including 8-year old grace, are black belts.

That accomplishment is something that mom Imelda Margulies, who is a third degree black belt, is happy with. "It's something that let's us say hey we're very proud. We continued what we did. And to make sure that when we are just out and about we can protect and defend ourselves," says Mrs. Margulies.

The family became interested after on of the boys had a very interesting theme for a birthday party. Dr. Aaron Margulies, the father, explains. "He decided he wanted a taekwondo birthday party. And they gave him a big sword to cut his birthday cake with. And he was in love. So he wanted to do taekwondo. And mama wanted to go back and do taekwondo, so we all came and did taekwondo."

As you can imagine, any home with 4 children will have it's fair share of fights. But when you have 6 black belts under one roof, they are handled quite differently than most sibling spats. "I have to correct them and tell them that if they are going to fight, they have to fight properly and use their taekwondo techniques," says Dr. Margulies.

Ultimately, taekwondo has been a great family bonding experience. "It's something that we accomplished as a family and it's something that we did all together. So it really is a bonding in all aspects. But it does make us a cohesive family," says Dr. Margulies.

The Margulies are proving that the family that kicks together, sticks together.

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